Never been fond of school but always been curious.
As a developer, cyber security became a passion and i wondered how i could succeed to become an ethical hacker online.

How to succeed ?

To accomplish this mission, I’ve divided my project into several objectives.

  1. Join Moocs and comment them on this blog
  2. Keeping a logbook of my progress
  3. Make concrete projects that will be available here
  4. Attend seminars, conferences and events that I will document here
  5. Set up my own lab


How did I choose which MOOCs to follow ?

To choose which MOOCs i would follow i went on ANSSI’s website and checked every curricular of master they indexed to find the subjects studied to validate those masters. With the units i found i was able to search for a few classes on mooclist.
Then i went to the website cybersecuritydegrees and looked at their FAQ’s topic entitled: « How to obtain a cybersecurity education for free with moocs » and cross-checked it with the previous MOOC i had found.

Last articles

Le mooc sécurité numérique de l’ANSSI

This article is in french because it is a review of a french Mooc Le mooc sécurité numérique de l’ANSSI propose une initiation à la cybersécurité pour les professionnels ou particuliers. L’agence nationale de la Sécurité des Systèmes d’information a pour mission d’apporter “son expertise et son assistance technique aux administrations et aux entreprises avec …

International cyberspace mapping symposium

View of ecole militaire in Paris On the 13th and 14th of march in Paris was the international symposium of cyberstrategy entitled “Cartographie du cyberespace” which means literally “Mapping cyberspace”. http://cybercarto.com/ It was run by the Castex Chair of cyberstrategy of the IHEDN To make it more lively and facilitate the reading of the notes …