Review Mooc Network Protocols and Architecture by Cisco on Coursera

On the Mooc plateform Coursera, Cisco hosts a mooc called Network Protocols and Architecture.
This course is intended for beginners. It is divided in four weeks with an amount of 2.5 to 5 hours per week of study.
Here is the syllabus:

– Principles of communications
– Network design and addressing
– Communicating on the Local Area Network
– The Internet Protocol


– Videos were very well made, it is a short format and goes straight to the point with examples.
– The writing content was also well made for instance there was many diagrams. If like me you need a diagram to help you sum up what you just read you’ll have plenty of those here.
– You learn from the best: Cisco is a reference in everything network related.
– If you want to get the certification but can not pay for it you can apply for a financial aid.


– With coursera you need to pay to get certified. I do understand that they have to get money out of it somehow, but the thing I was a little disappointed with, is that some quizzes are not open if you do not register for a certificate.
– It would be nice to have something showing that you audited the full course, like having it in your list of completed course even if you did not register for a certificate.

To conclude, it is a very good Mooc. Explanations where clear and all the basics of networking are in it.
It could have use a little more of free quizzes. The forum seemed to be active so if you have a question you can definitely go there (you have a forum for each week).


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