Junior Pentester and cybersecurity blogger.

Passionate about cybersecurity, approaching it in a holistic way encourages me for lifelong learning and sharpens my critical thinking skills.

Mindful of everyone's place in society, the promotion of digital security for all and accessibility to digital culture are driving my future.

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Injection flaws:
Kali Linux:
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Languages, architectures and related skills

SQL (PostgreSQL, Oracle, Mysql, Sqlite) :

Digital culture

Open source:
Digital Humanities:
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My profile on CTF plateforms and Cybersecurity websites


Since 2018

Cybersecurity blogger / Junior Pentester

  • Talk "How to set up a free training in infosec" for OWASP Latam Tour
  • Blog Challenge Become an Ethical Hacker
  • Podcasts, Events, Curation of Open learning resources, Learning Expeditions, Moocs, CTF, Wargames
  • Co-founder LRCCN (Laboratoire de Recherche Citoyenne de la Culture Numérique)

2018 - 2019

Intern Radically Open Security

  • Participation in the creation of a Capture-The-Flag (CTF) game
  • Observation of pentests
  • Review of pentest reports
  • Improvement of the onboarding manual for new staff members
  • Creation of a wiki page with relevant onboarding information for new staff members
  • Submission of a process for improving internal training
  • Helping a coworker with the use of Gitlabs
  • Organizing folders in Gitlabs
  • Content curation of XML documents and use of Pentext (created by ROS)

2015 - 2017

Developer / Tech Mentor

  • Development of Adaweek's website
  • Website development for a designer
  • Development of an e-commerce POC for a permaculture farm
  • Maintenance of a website for a photographer
  • Hackathon
  • Prototyping of a chatbot to help teachers educate students with special needs, CRI (Centre de Recherches Interdisciplinaires), "No Human Left Behind"
  • Project SWAF Orange "Le numérique pour l'autonomie"
  • Project "Revenu Universel" (Universal Income) etalab #CodeImpot
  • Project "Gender Rating Agency" Orange "Women Innovation"
  • Mentoring
  • Data analysis for university tutoring
  • Creation of a thesaurus for a student in education science
  • Initiation to main numeric services of a professional in career transition (Word, Web, e-commerce, etc.)
  • Reader for Valentin Haüy


Java developer at IBM (Lille, France)


Intern in software development Consort NT (Lille, France)

  • Feasibility study of an E-commerce platform PHP/Magento installation
  • Realization of an Proof Of Concept, and enhancement of the platform with the POC


Intern in software development City council of Paris (Paris, France)

  • Development of a piece of software for lends administration


Bilingual administrative assistant Concordia University (Montreal, Canada)

  • Participating in the development of Translation Services' website
  • Debugging and resolving computer problems and providing training od colleagues, if necessary
  • Producing reports with the Translation Requests Management Software (TransFlow)
  • Using translation support tools (e.g. Logiterm and Logitrans translation memories) as well as softwares as: TransFlow, Dragon, Office Suite.
  • Answering phone requests and Outlook emails both in English and in French
  • Updating terminology software entries for the online lexicon


Website development for a photo studio: Studio Destel


Bilingual Receptionist Maurice Hurand Group (Paris, France)

  • Creation of a professional textbook
  • Creation of brochures of the Hotel


Website creation for a polyvalent artist


Bilingual administrative assistant at the Real Estate agency Courcelles Wagram (Paris, France)

Studies and training


  • International Cybersecurity Summer School #ICSSS2019
  • Mooc "Atelier RGPD" by CNIL
  • "Intermediate Python" Cybrary
  • "Intro to Python" Cybrary
  • Certification "Forensic Specialist" Certified Secure
  • Certification "Web Security Specialist" Certified Secure
  • "Nuit de la gestion de la crise" (night of crisis management), IHEDN
  • CyberHeroes week, Cyberworkplace
  • "Intro to infosec" Cybrary
  • Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking, Cybrary


  • Mooc Ethical Hacker by Michel Kartner on Udemy (in french)
  • Certification Essential Specialities on Certified Secure
  • Certification Security Specialist on Certified Secure
  • Certification Essential Security on Certified Secure
  • Certification Safe Internet on Certified Secure
  • Certification Safe Internet Plus on Certified Secure
  • Engensec IT Security Summer School, Lviv Polytechnic National University
  • Injection flaws on Cybrary
  • Mooc « Initiation to cybersecurity » (in french) ANSSI


  • Mooc « Learning How to Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects » UC San Diego
  • Mooc « Responsive web design » University of London
  • Mooc « Learning Responsive web design » Udemy & Infinite skills


  • Mooc « Getting started with Java » plateforme elearning IBM
  • Mooc « Introduction to Java and Java EE Programming » plateforme elearning IBM
  • Mooc « Java SE7 Fundamentals: Overloading, Validation, and Object-Oriented Concepts » plateforme elearning IBM
  • Mooc « Java SE7 Fundamentals: Variables, Operators, and Objects » plateforme elearning IBM


Bachelor in computer science (Lille, France)
IELTS (International English Language Testing System, score global: "good user") (Paris)
  • Mooc « Introduction to Computer Science » (CS50X) de HarvardX
  • Mooc « Computer Science » (CS101, CS102, CS107) Saylor.org
  • Mooc « Introduction to Linux » (LSF101X) de LinuxFoundationX


BTS (technical degree) Computer science option software developer (Paris)


TOEFL (Test Of English as a Foreign Language, score: 77) (Paris)


Degree in Welcoming and reception for hospitality (Paris)


TOEIC (Test Of English For International Communication, score: 765) (Paris)


Studies at Studio Alain de Bock (for acting) (Paris)


High School Degree (Paris)