Never been fond of school but always been curious.
As a developer, cyber security became a passion and i wondered how i could succeed to become an ethical hacker online.

How to succeed ?

To accomplish this mission, I’ve divided my project into several objectives.

  • Join Moocs and comment them on this blog
  • Make concrete projects that will be available here
  • Attend seminars, conferences and events that I will document here
  • Attend summer schools
  • Attend CTF in real life and online
  • Set up my own lab
  • Volunteer with a great organization
  • Join and be active on bug bounty platforms
  • Create a Non Profit organization to organize meetup and CTF for women in cybersecurity in Paris


How did I choose which MOOCs to follow ?

To choose which MOOCs i would follow i went on ANSSI’s website and checked every curricular of master they indexed to find the subjects studied to validate those masters. With the units i found i was able to search for a few classes on mooclist.
Then i went to the website cybersecuritydegrees and looked at their FAQ’s topic entitled: « How to obtain a cybersecurity education for free with moocs » and cross-checked it with the previous MOOC i had found.

List of completed moocs, training and certificates


Completed Moocs

  • Mooc Network Protocols and Architecture by Cisco on Coursera
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