Passionate by learning how to learn.
As a developer, cybersecurity became a passion and i wondered how i could succeed to become an ethical hacker online.

How to succeed ?

To accomplish this mission, I’ve divided my project into several objectives.

  • Join Moocs, platforms and comment them on this blog (in progress see here and here)
  • Create a list of free resources (see here)
  • Attend seminars, conferences and events that (see here)
  • Attend summer schools (see here)
  • Attend CTF in real life and online
  • Set up my own lab
  • Volunteer with a great organization (Done with ROS se my article about it here)
  • Launch podcasts about experts in cybersecurity (Done see here)
  • Join and be active on bug bounty platforms
  • Create or join a Non Profit organization to organize meetup and CTF for women in cybersecurity in Paris (Done here with WoSEC)

How did I choose which MOOCs to follow ?

To choose which MOOCs i would follow i went on ANSSI’s website and checked every curricular of master they indexed to find the subjects studied to validate those masters. With the units i found i was able to search for a few classes on mooclist.
Then i went to the website cybersecuritydegrees and looked at their FAQ’s topic entitled: « How to obtain a cybersecurity education for free with moocs » and cross-checked it with the previous MOOC i had found.

List of completed moocs, training and certificates


Completed Moocs

Last articles

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Le 29 mars 2019 a eu lieu la nuit de la gestion de la crise. Cet évènement est organisé par l’association des jeunes de l’IHEDN. J’ai ainsi pu assister à des conférences et des ateliers (gestion de crise, risques de gestion de crise, Social Room, Création d’un exercice de crise, Exercice de crise sociale) Inscription …

FIC 2019

Les 22 et 23 janvier 2019 au Grand Palais de Lille se déroulait le Forum International de Cybersécurité. Toutes les conférences avaient l’air passionnante, mais n’ayant pas le don d’ubiquité j’ai du faire des choix. Je vais les présenter brièvement ici. Cybersécurité des grands évènements: retours d’expérience Le but de cette conférence était de tenter …