Cyber Challenge by department of defense of the US military

screen of the game
Screen of my badges at the end of the game

I tried the game cybermission available here .
It took me around less than 1 hour to finish the full game.

– Nice introduction to cybersecurity types of job positions: you understand that you have three main fields in cyber: protect, defend and strike.
Protect consists in detecting threats and suspicious activities,
Defend consists in creating secure networks
Strikes consists in finding the ip address of a hacker.
– Really fun to play. I had a great time and it is a nice entertainement.
– You don’t have to create an account to play.

– Very short to fulfill the whole game. As i said before it took me less than an hour.
– Very basic introduction. It is very basic you won’t have strong concepts of cyber security here. It seems like the purpose is mostly to be a fun game.
– You won’t be able to register and keep your progress it recognize you with your ip address. But you still can keep your progress with a good old screen.

To conclude i would recommend it as an entertaining break between two moocs, hard wargames or CTF.  It is fun and shows a very basic introduction in what cybersecurity looks like.

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