List of communities for women Cybersecurity, STEM, Programming, …

Please help me make the list of women in cybersecurity communities bigger.

Women in cybersecurity (specific cybersecurity)

List of Women of Security (WoSEC) chapters in the world






Map of every WoSEC chapter

Click here for a full screen map

List of other communities of Women in Cybersecurity

List of other communities for women

Women in programming

Women in STEM (general)

Gender Equality, Diversity or programs for younger women

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  1. Hello , my name is Mariana but my friends call me Marliz , I’m from Mexico .
    I’ve seen the work you are doing to make this community bigger. And I think in Mexico, we are a lot of women working in security and learning every day to get better. I’d like to join the community and help ! 🙂

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