World Tour Podcast Series 1 Episode 5: Angela Marafino

Angela Marafino

Angela Marafino is an Evolve Security Academy alumna and is currently an Associate Consultant Engineer on CDW’s InfoSec team. With no background in IT or computer science, Angela did not take the traditional route to obtain a career in cybersecurity. However, being computer savvy and having a passion for privacy led her to enroll in Evolve Security Academy’s cybersecurity bootcamp, which gave her the skills and mindset to become a cybersecurity professional.

She is CompTIA Security + and Network + certified and holds two Bachelor’s degrees, one in Fine Arts and another in pre-law. Angela is also the organizer of her local WoSec (Women of Security) Chapter (Denver).

Today she is going to share with us her journey in cybersecurity. How the reading of an article made her consider starting a career in cyber!

You can follow her on Linkedin, on Twitter and on Medium

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World Tour Podcast Series 2 episode 1: Piyali Dey

Piyali lives in Vancouver, BC, Canada. She is a computer scientist by training, and community activist by passion. Before starting at Microsoft as a regional program manager for the AI and Cloud Developer Relations team in Canada, she spent several years working in enterprise companies and startups as a software engineer. She also holds a graduate degree in Computer Science from North Carolina State University, USA.
Piyali is known across the technical community in North America as an active community event organizer and a relentless advocate for diversity and equality in tech. The past few years have seen her in various lead roles at major events and community groups including IEEE Women in Engineering and Grace Hopper Conference. Building communities and empowering minorities in tech are two of her biggest passions and she has played an instrumental role in shaping many such community groups across Silicon Valley and Vancouver. In all her free time, Piyali loves to spend time with her husband and two puppies.

In this episode she will share her passion of computer science and talk about her initiatives for women in tech.

You can find her on Linkedin or on Twitter

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World Tour Podcast Series 1 episode 3 Tanya Janca, Microsoft

Tanya Janca

Tanya Janca is the founder of WoSEC (Women of Security) and Cloud Security Advocate at Microsoft.

If you are interested in knowing:

  • What is the ideal cyberspace for a cloud Advocate
  • How we can make this industry better for women and newcomers,
  • Or simply hear about an inspiring career path

Listen to this podcast and you will have some answers. (You can download the file in mp3)

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World Tour Podcast series 1 episode 2: Anouk Vos, Cyberworkplace

Anouk Vos is founder of Revnext, a strategy consultancy firm in Technology Driven Strategies in Netherlands and chairman of Cyberworkplace a non-profit initiative that helps reduce the current shortage of cyber security experts in the labor market (see my article about it here).

If you want to know more about:

  • Cyberworkplace and how to help reduce the shortage of cybersecurity expert
  • Cybersecurity from a former diplomat point of view

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World Tour Podcast series 1 episode 1: Melanie Rieback, Radically Open Security

Melanie Rieback is co-founder and CEO of Radically Open Security the world’s first not-for-profit computer security consultancy company (see about my internship with them here).

If you want to know more about:

  • The first not for profit computer security consultancy company
  • The vision of Cybersecurity of social entrepreneur

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