Certified Secure online training

When i pre-registered for the ICSS 2018 i got access to a website called Certified Secure which is an online training website. In which you can even get some certificates.
With my account, I have temporary access to everything, even premium content.

Panel of the premium content

Panel of the premium content

User Profile

Here is what a user profile looks like screen of user profile

On the left, you have all the certifications you can get.
The panel in the middle shows what to achieve to get the selected certificate (Here the Essential Security certificate).
This is mostly quizzes, CTF, games.
To know how to answer to the quizzes or get help with games and CTF, you can watch the videos or read the provided content (cheat sheet for instance). You also have a forum in dutch (but you can translate it peacefully with Deepl ) and an irc channel with a an active community that is always willing to help.
Finally, on the right, you have the extra content (not mandatory to get a certificate).
With the arrow on the top right, you can swipe between each certificate’s content.

When you succeed and get a certificate, you can download it as PDF and you’ll have something looking like this:

Certificate for Essential Security certificate

The challenges

You have a few challenges. But don’t worry if you don’t know anything about how to achieve those they provide videos to help you out.
Some of those challenges are free other are premium.

– This is a platform where you can learn things pretty quickly and get certificates for it.
– If you don’t want to pay you still can have access to many things.
– Fun, entertaining, engaging.
– Great helpful community.
– Even if some content and challenge are only in dutch you can still complete them with a good translator like Deepl

– Some challenges are only in dutch
– The community forum is only in dutch

To conclude, i would recommend it because it his helpful to learn basics. Even if some challenges are only in dutch i managed with Deepl to complete them.
Like i said this training is challenging in a fun way. The challenges are well made and the tutors in the videos are really helpful.

Cyber Challenge by department of defense of the US military

screen of the game
Screen of my badges at the end of the game

I tried the game cybermission available here .
It took me around less than 1 hour to finish the full game.

– Nice introduction to cybersecurity types of job positions: you understand that you have three main fields in cyber: protect, defend and strike.
Protect consists in detecting threats and suspicious activities,
Defend consists in creating secure networks
Strikes consists in finding the ip address of a hacker.
– Really fun to play. I had a great time and it is a nice entertainement.
– You don’t have to create an account to play.

– Very short to fulfill the whole game. As i said before it took me less than an hour.
– Very basic introduction. It is very basic you won’t have strong concepts of cyber security here. It seems like the purpose is mostly to be a fun game.
– You won’t be able to register and keep your progress it recognize you with your ip address. But you still can keep your progress with a good old screen.

To conclude i would recommend it as an entertaining break between two moocs, hard wargames or CTF.  It is fun and shows a very basic introduction in what cybersecurity looks like.