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Alyssa’s Blog – Alyssa Miller Hacker, Security Evangelist, and Cyber Security Professional

  • Don’t Tap That Mic

    Top 1o tips for working with production crews as a speaker A colleague and I were recently talking about the bad habits we’ve seen from speakers at […]

  • A Promotions Gap

    Could it be that our promotions practices are helping fuel the supposed skills gap in security. Organizations can do much more when it comes to developing […]

  • RSA Conference Schedule

    Where to find me at RSA As I’ve announced previously through social media, I’ve received the great honor of being accepted to speak at the RSA […]

CryptoKait Home of the National Cyber League Player Ambassadors

  • Diversity. Equity. Inclusion. CyberDEI

    2020 has been a year where it seems like the world has been turned upside down. A global pandemic is only one of the many important issues that has been […]

  • Why NCL is Great Even If You Aren’t in Cyber

    “Ah, yes,” you might say “another blog post advertising the NCL. Another company just finding ways to look quirky and relatable while they […]

  • What is an NCL Player Ambassador?

    In my previous post about why I personally became an NCL Player Ambassador, I talked about how I selected the title “Player Ambassador”. When I […]

0x1338 One Step Ahead Of The Average Nerd

  • BlackHoodie comes back to San Francisco
    par Unknown le 18 mars 2019 à 17 h 51 min

    I promised we’d be back! So here we roll again, BlackHoodie is coming back to San Francisco, this time filling the Google campuses in downtown with a […]

  • BlackHoodie Bay Area 2018
    par Unknown le 10 juillet 2018 à 22 h 18 min

    Years ago I was listening to a talk at the CCC Congress in Hamburg, where a hackerette explained to us how she managed to exploit a Tamagotchi. I was […]

  • BlackHoodie #3 - Staring assembly to death
    par Unknown le 7 juillet 2017 à 12 h 19 min

    I am happy to announce BlackHoodie #3, a free reverse engineering workshop for women, taking place the 25th and 26th of November in the beautiful city of […]

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