This page aims to show the feedback and opinions about this blog, as well as the interviews I’ve given.
Cette page a pour but de montrer les retours et avis concernant ce blog, et les interviews que j’ai données


  • S&D Magazine:

  • I was interviewed by Enkelada Ibrahimi for MeetCyber

Some tweets about my Journey

Some Tweets about my blog

Feedback / Avis

Crypto Kait

Crypto Kait is as she called herself an « Educator | Information Security Associate | Cryptography Enthusiast | Overly-attached Puppy Mom ». Well, let’s just say she’s an Expert in Cryptography.
You can follow her on twitter and on her blog.


Engensec shared my blog post about the IT Security Summer School on Facebook and also on their website in the diary of the summer school of 2018.